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    465 120G802515

    Short Description
    SANDFLEX BLOCK#120 3X1 X5/8

    Product Details
    Medium Sandflex blocks are ideal for cleaning and light rust removal. It can remove light rust, clean heavy build-up on grills, as well as clean build-up on metal machinery and tools. Among the many uses of Sandflex, Medium Sandflex can also clean the surface of toilets!
    Sandflex is a simple, multi-purpose tool that can be used in both manufacturing facilities or at home. It is made of semi-flexible rubber compound with grits impregnated throughout the block. Make your belongings shine like new with Sandflex.

    • Combines grinding power with a pleasant overall finish
    • Waterproof
    • The block itself does not need cleaning. Loose grit can simply wash away with water.
    • No harmful substances
    • 120 grit

    Specialty Abrasives/Accessory / Sand Flex

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