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Random Orbital Sander

Introducing the KLINGSPOR Spartan Random Orbital Sander! This industrial pneumatic disc sander is made to perform at high levels for most industrial disc sanding applications.

Through the use of robust internal components and KLINGSPOR backing pads, the Spartan gives long-lasting, consistent performance with proper care & use.

Item number: SOS5H (5 inch) and SOS6H (6 inch)


Get a Spartan sander for FREE with purchase!

Purchase 20 boxes (2000 discs) of any KLINGSPOR 5" Kling-On disc materials and get the KLINGSPOR 5" Spartan sander FREE! ($120.00 value)

  1. Mix & match materials and grits in full box quantities.
  2. Disc orders must contain all 20 boxes in one order.
  3. Multiples of 20 boxes in a single order will result in multiple Spartan sanders
    • Example: 40 boxes = 2 sanders; 60 boxes = 3 sanders, etc.

Contact your local sales representative or call in your order to get started!

Offer ends 31 December 2020.

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Yellow and black sander with top silver handle


1. Comfortable

  • The ergonomic design allows for a comfortable use.
  • Trigger is positioned to easily turn on and run smoothly.
  • Weight of the sander reduces need for downward pressure, making it well-balanced.

2. Variable Speed

  • It can run as high as 10,000 RPM, but can be lowered for delicate applications too.
  • Adjustable for nearly all sanding jobs.

3. Pneumatic

  • Sander runs on compressed air.
  • Little maintenance required.
  • Offers greater longevity.



The Spartan orbital sander can be manually used on wood, metals, and polymer material. Type of applications include sanding of wood, metals, and polymer surfaces, as well as flat areas or curves that are not so closed.


Spartan (Tool part)

Power:0.27 HP.
Weight:0.84 Kg.
RPM:10,000 RPM
Proper pressure:90 PSI
Orbit Distance:3/16"(5mm)
Tool Spindle thread:5/16 "- 24 Female
Hose ID:1/4 "(in)
Material:Metal, polymers of different grades, oil 10W/NR, Grease 630-AA, Polyurethane pad, other parts in annexes
Housing:Partial closed

Spartan (Pad)

Max RPM:12,000 RPM
Diameter:5 and 6 Inches
Thickness:5/8" (16mm)
Backing spindle:5/16 "- 24 Male
Types:In Kling-on and PSA in 5" y 6", with multi holes only in kling-on