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Recent Videos

GreenTec PS77 & FP77 Sanding Discs

Our newest addition to the product line of abrasive discs: the GreenTec. High quality aluminum oxide grain, available in grit P60-2000 with Kling-on, PSA and plain backings, in various sizes and hole pattern options.

This is SPARTAN!

An introduction to KLINGSPOR's brand new random orbital sander: The Spartan.

Pressure, More Pressure & Cleaning | Pump Sleeve Series 5/5

Final part of a series of 5 videos about pump sleeves. Learn how to properly inflate your pump drum, how much air pressure you need, how you get the best results from our sanding process and how to clean your pump sleeve.


Pump Drum Components & Repair Kit | Pump Sleeve Series 4/5

Ensure that all air pressure is released from the bladder before disassembly! Part 4 of a series of 5 videos about pump sleeves. Learn how to disassemble a pump drum to inspect the components for wear or damage.

Pump Drum Maintenance Checks and Services | Pump Sleeve Series 3/5

Safety first! When using your pump sleeve, make sure that your inflatable drum sander is operating correctly. In part 3 of our 5-part video series, we are show you preventive maintenance checks to reveal defects before using and introduce our repair kit for such occasions.

Measuring a Pump Sleeve | Pump Sleeve Series 2/5

Part 2 of a series of 5 videos about pump sleeves.

What is a pump sleeve? | Pump Sleeve Series 1/5

Pump Sleeves - Part 1 of a series of 5 videos on a sanding technology, that has been around for years, but is still widely unused in the woodworking industry.

Cut-off wheel Comparison: KLINGSPOR A960TZ vs. Competitor Wheels

Our A960TZ is one of our top selling cut-off wheels. It’s fast, aggressive and offers long life. But how does it work compared against two different competitor products of the same thickness?

The TITAN SMT Product Line

TITAN up and change the way you work with flap discs! The TITAN is our brand new trimmable flap disc with a built in 5/8”-11 threaded center.

How to trim your Titan SMT

Before you trim your TITAN, make sure it is our trimmable TITAN SMT and not just a flap disc with a plastic backing.

The TITAN – Our Brand New Trimmable Quick Change Flap Disc

'TITAN up' and change the way you work with flap discs! We are so excited to introduce the TITAN – our brand new trimmable flap disc with a built in 5/8”-11 threaded center.

How To Measure An Abrasive Belt Correctly

Using an incorrectly sized belt can cause damage to the belt, the machine or the work piece, or just slip rather than rotate on the machine. And of course, this will have a negative impact on your sanding process and result.

Abrasive Production: A Look behind the Scenes

KLINGSPOR has manufactured abrasives in the United States for over 40 years. DISCLAIMER: This video has been filmed in January 2020.


An appreciation video to essential workers from KLINGSPOR employees.

Rust Removal with Sandflex Handblocks - Part 2: Sporting & Household Items

KLINGSPOR's Sandflex Hand Blocks are ideal to remove rust for everyday items you have at home. Watch the video to see how we make a golf club, snow skis, a baking sheet and a kitchen sink look brand new!

Easy Rust Removal with Sandflex Handblocks - Part 1: Tools & Hobby Items

Watch the video to see how we make a saw blade, a saw blade table, model railroad tracks, bonsai sheers and a garden hoe look brand new!

Live Demo: Our Brand New A 946 TZ Cut-off Wheel

Introducing our brand new cut-off wheel, our A 946 TZ Special by a live demo on a stainless steel bar and a stainless steel sheet. oSa certified!

This is KLINGSPOR Abrasives USA

A glimpse of KLINGSPOR Abrasives USA in Hickory, NC.

Brand New CNC Zirkon Coated & Kroma O-Flute Router Bits

A live demo featuring our solid carbide spiral o-flute bits.

DT 900 B - Laser Welded Diamond Cutting Blade for Concrete & Asphalt

Application Demo of our DT900B diamond blade on asphalt and concrete.

How KLINGSPOR CMTs Can Save Your Time and Money

An application guide about CMT abrasive flap discs. Choose KLINGSPOR CMTs for high production settings to reduce downtime or diverse applications in a job shop.

The 12 Days of KLINGSPOR

A silly parody based on the 12 Days of Christmas song. Viewed best with audio. Lyrics in the description.

DT 612 UT - Laser Welded Diamond Cutting Blade for Universal Use

Application Demo of our DT612UT diamond blade on reinforced concrete, a concrete slab with rebar, asphalt and a ductile iron pipe. It's the ideal blade for public work departments, excavation & underground utilities, and demolition companies.

A 630 N Supra Fast Cut for Low Powered Chopsaws

Showcasing our A 630 N cut-off wheel on different materials.

How to Choose the Right Cut-off Wheel

A small comparison guide to help decide when wheel is best for your project.

Finishing a cutting board with KLINGSPOR's PS 33

How to finish a wooden cutting board with our PS 33 sanding disc.

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